"Experience a Journey directly into your Soul into the vast
boundless presence of love in the core of your being"

Brandon Bays



What is the Journey ™  ?

The Journey ™ is a smooth exploration to the center of yourself to release what prevents you from living fully and in good health.

The Journey is a very powerful guided introspection – a liberating process to get access to our true potential.

During our life we accumulate suffering, rejection, frustration and denial,
and all of these are stored in our bodies.It has been scientifically proven that these repressed emotions block our cellular receptors and are at the source of our diseases.

The Journey ™ is a cutting-edge process that allows us to release emotional blocks from our past which are paralysing and stop us in the present. With the Journey, we get access to our true self, to our full vibrancy and potential.



Different types of Journey™


Emotional Journey
This process guides you through the emotional layers until you reach your essence or Source, which then imparts a message to your consciousness.
This process also allows you to clear out any blocks associated with a particular memory stored in your cells, leading to forgiveness and a natural rebalancing and healing of the body.


Physical Journey
This process takes you on a journey inside the body in search of the physical location where a cellular block  has been stored as a result of a traumatic event or memory.   Once the emotional impact of this memory is neutralized,  forgiveness will allow self-healing.

Kid’s Journey
Two types of journeys are available, one for children between 5 and 8 years, and another for children up to 12 years. Recommended for hyperactive children, or children dealing with divorce, bereavement or problems at school.

Life’s Purpose Journey
This is a wonderful process that goes into the depth of one’s being …
to discover the purpose of our presence in this life.

Designer Journey
This journey is a customized process and is a combination of  all the other journeys.


Belief or Vow change – to clear old beliefs  or vows that are limiting and obsolete.

When you can use the  Journey™ ?

Do you feel that you are watching your life and not really living it ?

Do you have hidden saboteurs that block you ?

Is an old emotional problem continuing to haunt your life?

Do you feel empty, demoralized and devoid of enthusiasm in your
professional or personal life?

Do you feel that your relationships with other people are superficial?

Do you aspire to happiness, would you like to awaken your inner strength
and to experience clarity and deep inner peace in your life?

Do you feel it is  time for you to live life fully, in perfect happiness,
as a free being?

Are you frustrated because of failure at school or at work?

Do you suffer from phobias or addictions?

Are you ill ?

Wishing you light and love