"We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive
He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love"
Martin Luther King, Jr.

About me and my "credo"

I was born on Kibbutz Givat Brenner, a moment before the British left Israel.
With the political split, my family moved to Netzer Sireni, where I live to this
day, a kibbutz with green surroundings and basic existential security that
takes care also of the weak.

Changes in the world did not skip the kibbutz, which has changed and in
recent years lost a lot of its strengths and uniqueness.

After my military service I studied Textile Design in "Shenkar", married and
gave birth to two sons.
All my life I've dealt with art. For 40 years I designed theater costumes in the
kibbutz. I held a studio for silk screen printing in Tel Aviv, and at the same
time for 18 years, I was responsible for the volunteers who came from around
the world to work in the kibbutz, and I regarded them as ambassadors of
goodwill to Israel.

Ever since I was in my twenties, I'm in the process of personal development and
self empowerment.
Since 1998 I study and take care of mind-body balancing as a multi disciplinary
therapist: Bach flower remedies, Rebirthing, Vortex Healing, Reiki,
Crystal therapy and more.
I teach Reiki workshops and personal development as a Reiki master.

A few years ago I lost my eldest son, at the same time that the kibbutz
changed and was "over".

My options were either to sink or to transcend reality and begin my life from
a new starting point. I sought a way to create freedom and abundance in
all aspect of my life, with freedom for artistic creation, spiritual work and
self empowerment.

A dear friend introduced me to products of advanced technologies of the
Japanese company "Nikken", that are intended to improve the quality of life.
These products helped me improve my own quality of life and health as well
as those of many of my family and my friends.

For several years I dealt with distribution along with studying and self
development, along with my occupation as a mind-body therapist.
I'm happy to share and to recommend people to use the life improving
technologies of Nikken which support the body to work better and more
I believe every individual has the right to a healthy, happy life; the right to
have a roof over our heads, food, security and love.

I believe we are all entitled to an equal opportunity and every individual has
the ability to be more than he or she is. I know there are sufficient global
resources for all!

Despite the sad reality in some parts of the world, I believe the world must
and can be a better place, more just, and this can be possible, and will
happen, when more and more people will focus on giving, on self
development and on preserving the earth.

I believe the change will be possible when schools will teach how to learn,
how to listen and to truly respect one another, when they will teach how the
universe and our bodies function, and how we must maintain these two, in
view of a more healthy, serene life, a life in which we will be able to restore
balance to the world on both an individual and global level, with respect for
nature that provides us its best and its beauty indefinitely.

In early 2008 I came across the book "The Journey" by Brandon Bays, I
read it and immediately knew! I got home!

I signed up immediately to the intensive Journey practitioners program
with the creator of the therapy,
Brandon Bays.

I have undergone a personal rocking journey, liberating and healing, along
with self growing, self empowerment and reaching deep peace in myself.

I finished the "practitioners program" in Israel and Germany and received an
international accreditation as a
"Journey practitioner".

I came back fully to my natural place, my need and my ability to be with
people and help people connect to their truth, and to heal deeply, which is the
most real and enriching thing for me.

When I accompany people in "Journey" processes I'm thrilled every time of
the cure and freedom they are experiencing in every process. The journey
enables them physical and emotional healing and discovery of their true self,
connecting them to their personal power and the deep purpose of their lives.

I am grateful for the right to accompany people in their personal "journey",
a process that gives me great satisfaction along with my faith that personal
healing and recovery will bring a global healing, with hope for a healthier,
better and more just world.

Wishing you light and love