"Experience a Journey directly into your Soul into the vast
boundless presence of love in the core of your being"

Brandon Bays




My name is Ruth Alberti, a kibbutznik, who loves people, nature and beauty,
creating art, an alternative medicine multi-disciplinary therapist,
and an internationally accredited "Journey" practitioner.

In this site I will share with you information about "the journey" by Brandon
Bays, the healing energy of
Reiki, Bach flowers and about myself.

If you too, are inquiring and investigating, busy with questions about the
meaning of life, the meaning of events that you experience in your life,
the Journey" will allow you to discover and reveal the deep meaning of your life,
along with physical and emotional healing, achieving freedom and balance,
joy and forgiveness to yourself and the people in your life.

As a multi-disciplinary therapist, "the Journey" combined and empowered for
me all areas of healing and personal growth which I have known.

During "journey" processes I'm amazed every time to the cure and
release people experience in every process they undergo. They have the
ability to reveal their power and their life's purpose.

I invite you to join me to your "Journey" of healing and releasing your
shining potential, to come home to yourself!

Wishing you light and love